White Sage Cleansing your home

White Sage Clearing

White Sage Smudge Sticks are used for energy healing, clearing rituals and personal use.  White Sage Smudging is commonly used to drive out negative thoughts and bad spirits and to set the energy for ceremony or blessings.

White Sage has become very valuable to use in clearing negative energies from a room, home, office or any space that needs clearing, even ourselves.  Smudging was originally practiced by shamans, who continue this practice today.  A smudge stick made of White Sage leaves is used for the cleansing.

White Sage is the common name for the plant Salvia apiana.  The word Salvia comes from Latin root salvare, which means “to heal”, giving greater meaning to the idea of sage as a medicinal plant.  This is why White Sage is used for its cleansing or clearing properties, to ward off evil spirits and negativity.

What is clearing?
Clearing is simply a word that means we are going to shift negativity or other unwanted energies to create a clear living space.

How does White Sage Work?
White Sage emits negative ions; similar to the effects of the Himalayan Salt Lamps that are so popular now.  Running water e.g. the shower and the sea also emit negative ions, making us feel cleansed. When we are near or in water we always feel cleaner and clearer. It is the negative ions that we want to have more of.  White Sage Cleansing is one way to shift unwanted energies and replace them with fresh, new energy. It is said that our aura (the energy field around the body) holds on to positive ions.

Negative ions in the air attract particles of pollution and give them a negative charge which makes them combat the pollution in the environment. After a storm the air always feels crisp and clearer, this is a sample of nature as it constantly produces negative ions to combat air pollution.
Positive ions are like dust in our aura and they may cause us to feel lacking in energy. The same can be said of a space e.g. our home. 

When we use White Sage the smoke from the Sage meets the positive ions, clings to them and neutralises them out of our aura or from the room or house you are cleansing.

Smudging is an ancient, native American ritual that is now used in many parts of the world and is used to create an ’energy shift’ in a person or living/work space.  It is said that our car also contains our energy and if something is blocked in us, the energy can cause problems in our car. White Sage can be wafted over the engine, the outside and the interior of a vehicle.

What does White Sage clear?
We carry negativity in our auric field when things go wrong, emotions get charged, our mind is in overload. Smudging with White Sage is one of the simplest and most effective ways of clearing any space or person.  Use White Sage to clear a piece of Jewellery, room, home, office, vehicle or anything which you feel needs clearing.

What you need to Cleanse with White Sage

  • White Sage Smudge Stick or loose leaves (only use a few for each cleanse)
  • Bowl to hold the Sage while it is lit, made of earthenware, pottery or pyrex
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Smudging Feather or a piece of cardboard to move the smoke through the air

The Procedure

  • Close the doors & windows so there is no draught. Light the tip of the Sage until it is smouldering; place it in the bowl and carry it in this.
  • Move into the room you want to cleanse, hold your fan or small piece of cardboard and start in one corner of your room.
  • Gently waft the smoke after it builds up and clears the bowl
  • Start from the floor, up and move the Sage/smoke toward the ceiling.
  • Do this in a clockwise circle in each corner of the room. Waft the smoke onto all surfaces.
  • When you have finished the fourth corner, move to the centre of the room, raise the bowl to the height of your heart and waft smoke up toward the ceiling in the centre of the room.
  • You are now complete. Leave the room. Shut the door behind you. Leave the room for an hour before you re-open doors.

When you go back into the room you will sense its lightness, clarity, it will have had a full clearing. If there is heavy or negative energy to clear, the smoke from the Sage will be dark and thick. If not much clearing is needed, the smoke will be light and almost clear.

When you have finished cleansing the room(s) leave the sage in the bowl in the centre of the room or home and the smoke will find its way to what needs to be cleared, whether it is negativity or spirit energy.  Let the Sage burn itself out. Do not put it in the bin or stub it out.  The Sage has a job to do, let it do its job.  For this reason you may just wish to use a small White Sage Smudge Stick rather than a large as it is an economical option.  If you have a large space to clear, use a large Smudge Stick so that it can really do its work.

*If you don’t want to use a whole smudge stick to cleanse, simply remove a few leaves & place them in a bowl and light them.  Wait until the flame dies & is left smouldering like incense before you move around the room. 

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