Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

1st  Gold

2nd Garnet

3rd Cultured or Natural Pearls

4th Blue Topaz

5th Sapphire

6th Amethyst

7th Onyx

8th Tourmaline

9th Lapis Lazuli

10th  Diamond

11th Turquoise

12th Jade

13th Citrine

14th Opal

15th Ruby

16th Peridot

17th Carnelian

18th Cat’s Eye

19th Aquamarine

20th Emerald

21st Iolite

22nd Spinel

23rd Imperial Topaz

24th Tanzanite

25th Silver

30th Cultured or Natural Pearls

35th Emerald

40th Ruby

45th Sapphire

50th Gold

55th Alexandrite

60th Diamond

*Please note: Herkimer Diamonds are a beautiful substitute for Diamond
This chart is the official list from the American Gem Trade Association