Tarot Cards and Oracles - what is the difference?

There is a difference between Tarot Decks and Oracles and depending what you are looking for, will depend on what you choose.

Tarot Decks have a structure whereas Oracles are freeform, random and you simply pick a card or two to gain insight.

Tarot Decks contain 22 Major  Arcana Cards and 66 Minor Arcana Cards.

The Major Arcana cards are timeless and powerful, depicting energies that play out in our lives, even depicting who we are as individuals.

The Minor Arcana cards are the action cards, not as powerful as the Major but giving us a road map of how our life is travelling, what changes we need to make, where we are stuck.

The Rider Waite is one of the original Tarot Decks but there are many more to choose from, depicting fairies, angels, archangels, cats, cultures, goddess energy and more.

At their core, it doesn't matter which deck is chosen, each card will have a similar meaning not matter what the deck.

The Tarot follows Rules and This is the path of the Tarot.

Oracles do NOT have a structure. They are free form and are designed in whichever way the creator decides.  Oracles can be random and free spirited. The cards do not have to relate to each other but if you look closely and you know your Tarot you will see that many explanations in an Oracle card are similar to those on a Tarot card.

It is just another way of expression - Structure or Free form.

We stock Doreen Virtue, Alana Fairchild, Rider Waite Tarot, John Holland, James Van Praagh, Celtic and Animal Medicine Oracles and Tarot and many that are delightful to use but more obscure and less known.