Sound Healing with Singing Bowls, Bells, Pyramids

Sound has been used for aeons for the shifts it can create in consciousness and ambiance. Shamans have practiced Sound Healing and now those practices have filtered through to us so that we may gain the benefits in our everyday living.

Healers, Reiki Masters, Crystal Healers, Chakra Aligning Practitioners and others who follow the path of the Alternative Medicine way integrate Sound Healing into their practice.

The energy of Sound is profoundly healing and can be used to break up crystalized energy in the body, in a room or any space that needs healing or clearing.

Sound Healing is the oldest method of healing on our planet.

Some Sound Healing pieces we stock are

  • Tibetan Chakra Singing Bowls from Nepal
  • Tingshas or Cymbals -- used when struck to produce a clear tone for healing
  • Crystal Singing Bowls made from 99% Clear Quartz 
  • Crystal Singing Pyramids
  • Crystal Singing Bells