Quartz Crystal Spheres

Quartz Crystal Spheres may have many different inclusions in them. If a sphere is totally clear, it is very probably glass. A crystal sphere may contain rainbows or light beams that flash in certain angles. They can have cloudy areas & you may see images in them that resemble birds, animals, angels etc. Sometimes you will find what looks like a veil inside & one side of the sphere can be quite different inside to the other.

The more sparkling the crystal, the more intense & instant is said to be the healing qualities. Clear Quartz spheres are very dynamic & full of energy.  Place your sphere in a room & it acts as an amplifier of energy, charging the room with light & clarity. 

Where to place your sphere. Clear Quartz spheres are not ideal to place in the bedroom as they amplify & generate energy, rather than bringing restful sleep. Ideal for a bedroom are Amethyst with its healing properties or Rose Quartz. They both emit a protective light while you sleep to relieve ongoing anxieties or doubts & fears. They both bring restoration while you sleep.

A Clear Quartz Sphere is the perfect shape to amplify crystalline energies, an important tool to keep in your spiritual toolkit. Place one in your therapy room to keep it pure & clear. Place it on painful areas as a source of healing.

The Ancient Chinese believe the sphere reflects the power of the sun to bring good luck, health & success throughout the home & workplace.  They are said to bring balance to the environment they are placed in. The art of Feng Shui uses Crystal Spheres to balance & charge the energy in a room. They can be used as an aid to clairvoyance, gazing at the sphere, relaxing the eyes, can allow one to focus on the download of information or images from Spirit. Their inner markings can reveal answers. Their scenes within can take one into other worlds. They are a wonderful tool for communicating with angels & guides.

A Clear Quartz Sphere can be placed near the phone or on top of a computer to bring advantageous business calls & internet connections. When it catches the light, the quartz radiates illuminated energies & clears the air of stagnant, stuck energy.

When you choose your crystal sphere, choose one with cracks & inclusions, rainbows if you are blessed enough to find one. The inclusions allow your physical eye to connect, to focus & then your intuitive, inner eye (third eye) can receive insights.

Excerpt from Cassandra Eason 'The New Crystal Bible'