Immune System Booster with Aqua Aura and Clear Quartz

The Immune System is a powerful aspect in keeping your body healthy. When the white blood cell count is low it compromises the body.  Here is a technique to use if you get colds or a constant drip at the back of the throat or your immune system is compromised.

You need: 1 aqua aura crystal and 1 clear quartz point

Find somewhere comfortable to lie for 20 minutes. Place a pillow under your knees to take the pressure off your back.

Place the Aqua Aura in the indent of your throat (thymus area).

Place the Clear Quartz on your forehead, right in the centre, the third eye area.

Let the crystals remain there and when complete wash under running water to cleanse them ready for next time.

Booster excerpt from a book we use and recommend:

Crystals for Everyday Living by Christina Rodebeck. Healing Handbook.