Space Clearing Tools

House Clearing is a wonderful way to keep your home or office feeling sparkling, clean and clear.

There are many ways to clear your home's energies.

  • White Sage Fragrance Oil - Use a pump action spray bottle. Drop approximately 10 drops of White Sage Oil into it then fill with water. We use Sandesh White Sage Oil. It's fragrance is pleasant and non invasive. Some sages smell very harsh. Spray every surface that you can reach in the room you want cleansed or the whole home. The White Sage absorbs negative energies and clears the space, leaving it feeling peaceful and calm.
  • Smudge Stick White Sage - Use the whole stick for each Clearing. If you use part of the smudge stick and keep the rest for future uses, remember it has absorbed lots of energies in its initial clearing and you will re-ignite those energies if you use it again. We recommend that you use a small stick for each clearing and after you have been through the home/office with your smudge stick, simply place it in a smudge bowl or bowl of sand or soil. Put it in the middle of the home, keep the windows closed and let it burn down. After it has completed, open all doors and windows to let the fresh new air and energy into your refreshed, revitalized home.
  • Singing Bowl - Walk through your home with a Tibetan Metal Singing Bowl or a Crystal Singing Bowl and give your home a Sound Bath. Sound the bowl as you slowly walk around the perimeter of each room and through the centre. The sound of the bowl gives the room a Sound Bath, breaking down energies through the vibration of sound. This is a powerful way to cleanse and clear a space and give yourself a lovely Sound Bath at the same time.