A simple guide to choosing your crystals, what to do with them and how to cleanse them.

Choose the crystal which you are attracted to.  

  • Rather than look at a reference book, select the one that calls to you in a resonance that comes from your heart, from deep within.
  • You may look at a lot of crystals and they just look like rocks. Then you can come across one that seems just right. It means, the crystal has connected with you and will be lovely to work with.
  • If you can, pass your hand over a tray of crystals and intuitively select.
  • If you are purchasing online, take a deep breath as you scroll through the images, simply click on the one that seems right.
  • You can also run your hand across the screen if there are multiples of the same crystal to select from and you may feel a tingling in your hand or it may stop at a particular image.
  • Crystals are such a personal item. What you love, another person may not be drawn to. There are no rights or wrongs. Start to trust your intuition and over time, you will get a real 'feel' for them.
  • Size is not important. Bigger is not better. It is what you are attuned to.

What to do with your crystals now you have purchased them.

  • Simply carry the crystals you are working with. Keep them in your pocket or purse.
  • For sleep crystals, keep them under your pillow.
  • For protection in the car, keep in the console or glove box.
  • When travelling, keep your protection crystals in your bag, backpack or similar.
  • For pain, keep them on your person so that they are in contact with you.
  • If you are not using your crystals for their metaphysical properties, they make a beautiful decoration in your home.

Cleansing your crystals.

  • Water - wash them under a running tap. This is a great method for tumbled stones except those that are fragile eg Selenite, Lapis, Turquoise. Let them dry naturally on a cloth after their bath.
  • An Amethyst Cave, Geode or Cluster is perfect to sit your stones on. Leave on or in the Amethyst for 24 hours.
  • Keep a piece of Citrine with your crystals to keep them fresh in between cleanses.
  • If a crystal becomes flat looking or dull, bury it in the earth to rest it. Don't forget where it is though! An outdoor potplant is ideal to place it in.
  • White Sage, Pine, Frankincense sprays made with Essential Oils or Fragrances can be poured into a spray bottle and wafted over the stones. In a small spray bottle, you will only need a few drops of oil and top with water.
  • Wafting incense over your crystals is another method for cleansing. 
  • Lighting a small smudge stick and leaving it to burn near your stones will purify the room and everything in it.
  • Crystals love sound and if you have a crystal Singing Bowl, you can place your crystals in the bowl to cleanse. Always put a soft cloth in the bottom before you put the stones into the bowl.
  • Use a Tibetan metal Singing Bowl or Tingsha (cymbals). Sound the bowl or tingsha over the crystals to clear them of built up energy.
  • Place soft crystals eg Rose Quartz, on a window sill under the moon or out in the garden.
  • Clear Quartz and other sparkling crystals love being left for 24 hours in the sunlight to restore their glow. 
  • Every month try to put all of your crystals out under the full moon or the night leading up to it. A window ledge that catches the moon suits too.




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