Archangel and Saints meanings

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Archangels and Saints Meanings

Archangel Gabriel:  Bringer of Angelic Messages and holds the Divine Plan for each human being

Archangel Michael: Protection - physically, emotionally, psychically. Courage, strength, truth, integrity.  Oversees the light worker's life purpose.

Archangel Raphael:   Powerful healer and assists with all forms of healing - humans and animals.  Archangel Raphael helps to rapidly heal body, mind and spirit.

Archangel Uriel: Holds the Divine Flame of Life and brings practical solutions to problems

Fatima: Miracles and Visions

Mary MacKillop: Inspiration and strength on your life’s journey

Mother Mary:  Queen of the Angels and Jesus’ mother

Mother Teresa: Faith and the ability to see God in all living things.

Serentiy Prayer:  God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

St Anthony: Finder of lost articles

St Bernadette/Lourdes: Visionary and Messenger of the Immaculate Conception

St Christopher: Protection for all travellers

St Francis: Protector of all animals

St Jude:  Patron saint of lost causes. Gives guidance and comfort when all may seem lost. For patients of terminal illness and family members during times of illness.

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