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Tourmaline Black | Chunk | Raw | Carpe Diem with Remi

Tourmaline Black Chunk Raw - Protection

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Large chunk of Black Tourmaline 11.5 high x 9 cm wide.

It deflects, dispels and shields the wearer from external negative energies and internal conflicts. One of the most powerful Protection stones, it transforms dense and heavy energies into a lighter vibration.

Very grounding, Black Tourmaline forms a protective shield around the wearer or the home if pieces are placed in the corners of the house as a 'grid'.  It is the most effective blocker of curses, psychic attack and ill-wishes.

Banishing feelings of victimhood, it promotes self-confidence, absorbing and dimishing fear.

Use a Black Tourmaline Wand to clear the aura and remove blockages, to disperse negative energy. A large piece placed under the massage table of healers absorbs unwanted energies or energies that are released in a healing.

Physically Black Tourmaline is said to help with arthritis, coeliac disease and the immune system. Problems with the lower back may be assisted by keeping the stone near the skin. Use for aching and torn muscles and to absorb pain.

Emotionally aids anxiety and stress and is useful for really dark thoughts such as self-harm or suicide or drug abuse. It soothes panic attacks and is useful to take to the doctor or dentist if you have a fear of them.

Works with the Root Chakra and realigns them, balancing the body from crown to root. 

In the Workplace it repels electromagnetic negative energy when you are working at the computer.

Mentally when you need to concentrate, hold a piece for a few minutes or when you need your mind alert. 

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