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Thulite/Pink Zoisite Tumbled Stone | Carpe Diem with Remi

Thulite/Pink Zoisite Tumbled - Marathons


Thulite is helpful for long-term endeavours, giving you stamina when you feel like giving up.  Good for sports, marathons and getting through long days or nights, any time that you need to maintain a constant stream of stamina. 

On the Physical level it may be useful for reproductive disorders, especially PMS and endometriosis. Good for intestinal disorders and lower bowel problems. Used as a weight loss stone.

Emotionally it is a good stone to carry for those who have suffered emotional abuse or bullying. It eases feelings of negativity that may cause you to harm yourself.

At work it is a good stone to carry if you are feeling unsupported or left out.

One of the best stones to call back a past love or for reconciliation after a lovers fight.

Useful if you are an actor, performer, acrobat or for a child who has to give a presentation at school.

Information is from Cassandra Eason's New Crystal Bible page 65

Size 2 cm

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