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Super Seven | Faceted Earrings | Carpe Diem with Remi

Super Seven Teardrop Faceted Earrings


Gem quality Teardrop design Genuine Faceted Earrings in rare Super Seven. Genuine Super Seven varies in colour, depending which minerals are prominent in it. 

Full Sterling Silver surround, open back, sturdy sterling silver for quality

Size: Square:31 mm total length x 8  mm across. 

Super Seven contains the fusion of seven minerals and is said to be one of the highest vibration crystals that have ever been found on earth.

It is a spiritual powerhouse. Melody introduced this crystal to the healing community and is the author of Love is in the Earth, a Kaliedescope of Crystals

Metaphysically Beneficial for:

  • Physically: May help illnesses for which there is not a conventional cure or there is a poor prognosis. One of the best crystals for Self Healing
  • Emotions: This crystal acts very fast at relieving chronic depression or when initiative in life is missing
  • Mental: Powerful for healing intellectual disease as well as physical and spiritual
  • Spiritually: Enhances spiritual working on all levels. Opens metaphysical abilities. 
  • Chakras: Purifies, balances and energizes all the chakras and auric bodies, aligning them to the highest vibration. Works through the Crown Chakra
  • It gives us confidence to be ourselves
Super Seven - Amethyst. Smoky Quartz. Clear Quartz. Rutlie. Goethite. Lepidocrosite. Cacoxenite.
  • Brings the soul back into communication with the divine.
  • Never requires cleansing or regenerizing.
  • Supports and raises the vibration of any crystal in its vicinity.
  • The smallest piece carries the vibration of the whole, reminding us that we too are part of the greater whole.
  • Many pieces of Super 7 carry a spiritual being within them and link to the highest sources of guidance and inspiration.

Excerpt: The New Crystal Bible Cassandra Eason page 307and The Encyclopedia of Crystals Judy Hall page 266

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