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Sphere in Austrian Quartz 80mm | Carpe Diem with Remi

Sphere in Austrian Quartz 80mm


An Austrian Quartz Sphere in manufactured glass. It is totally clear, unlike natural clear quartz in a sphere which will have inclusions. 

Wooden stand is included.

Austrian Quartz Spheres are used in Feng Shui to raise the 'Chi' energy of the home or workplace.

They can be used for 'scrying' as they have no inclusions to distract the eye.

Remi's thoughts:

If you want to learn to read with a Crystal Ball: I recommend Ted Andrews 'Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls: Tools for ancient scrying and modern seership.' He goes into every detail of how to 'read' with a crystal ball.  Ted Andrews passed over in 2009 and his books live on as a testament to his conviction in the metaphysical world. He was truly a Master.

If you want to use the Ball for Feng Shui: It holds the energy of harmony due to its round shape. The sphere is one of the sacred geometry shapes, said to be the shape of perfection.  It anchors light into the home and is often used as a cure in Feng Shui to raise the Chi or energy of the home.

Pictured: the 3 sizes of spheres we stock on our website: 80, 100, 150mm to give you an idea of their relative sizes.

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