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Shungite | Tumbled Stone | Carpe Diem with Remi | Australia

Shungite Tumbled


Metaphysical Properties:

  • Profoundly protective, phenomenal shielding and purifying power that arises from its unique formation
  • Made of a rare carbon it protects against radiation, electromagnetic and geopathic stress, microwave and other vibrational emissions and the diseases they can create
  • Useful when immersed in water for several hours as it transforms the water into a bilogically active life-enhancing substance, removing harmful microorganisms and pollutants
  • Research has show Shungite absorbs pesticides, free radicals, viruses and bacteria
  • In Russia it is known as a 'cure all', used in healing spas
  • One of the power stones that work with the immune system. boosts physical well-being
  • Spiritually Shungite grounds higher energies into the body and acts as an anchor to the earth. Links powerfully to ancient earth energies.

Remi's note: Metaphysically I find this one of the most powerful stones I use. I carry one with me in my spiritual 'tool bag' and each morning I visualise it encasing me in a protective egg, soaking up all that is not in my highest interests and transmutes them.

I also use a piece of Nuumite in conjunction with it as it is a known stone to keep one on one's own path without picking up on others' energies and wandering off.

 Information from Encyclopedia of Crystals Judy Hall page 209 and our own experience of this powerful crystal.

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