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Rose Quartz Natural Piece | Carpe Diem with Remi

Rose Quartz Natural Piece - Love


Rose Quartz brings a sense of unconditional love and infinite peace to you.

Place chunks of Rose Quartz around your home to enhance the energies. A piece placed by your bed or in the relationship corner of your home draws love toward you or supports your feelings of harmony in not only a primary relationship but all relationships.

Place a piece by the chair you relax in and simply gaze at it, drawing in the gentle pink of love so that it may heal the heart and your trust. It's like having a one minute meditation.  See yourself filled with the pink of love.

Rose Quartz is the best emotional healer as it releases heartache and blocked emotions, gently releasing them. It gradually opens your heart and builds an openness to love when you may have experienced lack of self worth or confidence in the past.

Use Rose Quartz in times of trauma or crisis. Place a piece in your water bottle to imbue it with the energy, acting as an elixir.

Drawing off negative energy, it replaces it with loving vibes and is used as a rescue remedy, re-instating calm and peace.

Place a piece of Rose Quartz with affirmations you may be using to amplify their energy.

For healers it is wonderful to use for drawing out emotional pain and healing a broken heart. Rose Quartz calms on all levels and is excellent at lowering anxiety.

A Rose Quartz Wand works well placed on the heart chakra to balance and stabilize. Place it vertically on the body and simply sit or lie for a few minutes while it does its work.

Excerpt from Judy Hall's Encyclopedia of Crystals page 22 with practical suggestions that we have found work well.

Cassandra Eason (The New Crystal Bible page 50) adds that it helps in healing mothers physically after a complicated birth, for fertility and the female reproductive system.

Emotionally she adds that Rose Quartz is very useful for depression, especially post-natal depression. We suggest placing a chunk under your bed and under baby's crib.

In the Workplace it is useful to place a large natural piece to ward off unwanted gossip and unwanted intrustion.

More notes from Cassandra:

  • Use for healing when you have lost your own mother, helps you mother yourself
  • When pregnant, hold on your stomach to create a bond with your unborn child
  • Take the piece with you when giving birth and place near baby to comfort it in the early days
  • To attract love, place a Rose Quartz heart on your altar with a photo of the love you want to attract.

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