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Power of Kundalini |  Yoga | DVD | Carpe Diem with Remi

Power of Kundalini Yoga DVD

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The energy of kundalini is revered as a catalyst for transformation in every area of our lives—but it first must be awakened and set free. With The Power of Kundalini Yoga, master teacher Karena Virginia leads you through a beautiful program of asana practice, guided meditation, and serene reflection to release the subconscious and energetic blocks to the miracles of love, health, and abundance that are your birthright.

For first-time practitioners or those with experience in yoga, Karena presents a customizable series of exercises focused on aligning with the forces of love and gratitude and freeing ourselves from self-sabotaging fear and negativity. Supported by the devotional chanting of Snatam Kaur, these practices include:

• Yoga for Flowing Energy—a two-part practice to revitalize your body as you align with your purpose and illuminate your perception

• Yoga for Abundance—a series of asanas to lead us into our heart center and increase our “magnetism” for whatever we’re looking to bring into our reality

• Yoga for Miracles—tap the frequency of love that aligns us with our deepest truths and highest potential

“The teachings on this program allow you to put aside the limits of your intellectual mind, open your heart, and access the intuitive guidance of your soul,” explains Karena. The Power of Kundalini Yoga will help lead you to the peace, joy, and prosperity that surround you at all times.


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