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Smoky Quartz | Pendulum | Carpe Diem with Remi | Australia

Pendulum Smoky Quartz with Chain

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Quality large Pendulum with long length chain for ease of use and large ring at top. 

Size: 4 cm x 2 cm wide approx. Chain approx 27 cm including ring

Guards against all forms of bad luck.  Use Smoky Quartz when you are coming out of a dark place.  It promises a better tomorrow.  In healing, use it after illness or depression to gently restore your energy.  It melts away energy blocks in limbs, adrenal glands, pancreas and kidneys. Use Smoky Quartz to reduce anxiety and to aid insomnia.  If you stand outside on earth or grass and hold your Smoky Quartz point downwards in your receptive hand, it will drain negativity from your body and mind.  If you are very tired it gently opens your kundalini energy.  For  your vehicle, it guards againts theft, breakdown and road rage.   Helpful at night to banish nightmares in children. For older animals, acts as a pain reliever.

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