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Orgonite | Pyramid | Amethyst | Carpe Diem with Remi

Orgonite Pyramid Amethyst

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Orgonite Pyramid with Amethyst with a spiral symbol in Copper.

Size: 7 cm

Orgonite is becoming very popular and is used to clear negative energy from the home or workplace.

It is reputed to have many benefits and is enhanced by the specific crystal or symbol within the Pyramid.

Physical: Heal's blockages to let one's energy flow unimpeded. Promotes good sleep, especially from insomnia. May take a little while to get used to the vibration of the Orgone.

Emotional: Said to help keep relationships harmonious and more balanced.

Spiritual: Clears the energy of the home to amplify higher vibrations.

EMF: One of its major uses it to protect from Electromagnetic Frequency for home and body, from the computer, radio, clock, television, fridge, phone.

Plants: Experiments have proven Orgonite accelerates the growth of plants.

Amethyst in Orgonite: Heals. Protects. Raises psychic awareness.


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