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Opalite Bead Bracelet with Feather | Carpe Diem with Remi

Opalite Bead Bracelet with Feather and Tree of Life Charms


An 8 mm Bead Bracelet with 2 larger feature beads in Opalite with two decorative silver metal charms, one with a feather and the other the Tree of Life

In healing Opalite is said to help hormones, childbirth,kidneys, migraine, nausea.

On the emotional level Opalite helps the expression of feelings.  It works with the Sacral and Brow Chakras.  

On a practical level Opalite has an in-built feel good factor.

Manufactured Opalite looks like glass in fabulous opalescent colour. It is calming and balancing.  Some healing practitioners have found manufactured Opalite helps with hormonal problems especially in young people.

Note from Remi: Opalite is usually manufactured. You can tell the difference between natural and manufactured easily.  Natural Opalite in NOT opalescent and manufactured Opalite IS. 

Recharge under a moonlit night

Information: Cassandra Eason's New Crystal Bible page 353

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