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Moonlight Gratitude | 365 Meditations for Sleep | Carpe Diem with Remi

Moonlight Gratitude 365 Night Time Meditations


Emily Silva brings you a simple understanding and increase of your awareness of your mind at night so that you can fall asleep with a peaceful and thoughtful mind. 

Get in the right mindset for sleep with Moonlight Gratitude, which features spiritual passages and words to guide you through a calming nighttime meditation.

Moonlight Gratitude provides spiritual passages and words to guide you through a calming nighttime meditation.

An example for July 1:

A still mind is quiet despite the endless loop of everyday noise. In stillness, answers are revealed and breath finds the rhythm of the heart. Letting go of thoughts and surrendering into stillness creates the space for revelations and understanding. Getting in sync with the universe can happen when we open our minds in quiet and listen to the voice within.

March 19: 

To trust is to let go and know that everything is working out just the way it needs to be. This can be a scary concept, especially when the urge to control is strong. The key is to release your attachment to the outcome and have faith that all the work you have been doing will pay off. Sometimes the answers are not what we would like to hear, but they only bring us closer to where we need to be.

Publisher: Murdoch Books

Remi's note: A beautiful little book with coloured pictures and just enough words to end your day on and put your mind into a thoughtful zone for sleep.

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