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K2 | Pendant | Carpe Diem with Remi | Australia

K2 Pendant in Sterling Silver


Beautiful Oval K2 crystal in a Pendant. Lovely sturdy sterling silver surround and open back so that crystal has contact with the wearer

Large Bail to take larger chain

K2 is comprised of a Granite base, Afghanite (the blue) crystal and sometimes a touch of Malachite

Healers all over the world are finding the power of this amazing crystal, newly found on the second highest mountain in the world in Pakistan

Granite is such a grounding stone and it offers support to the two crystals found in it

A powerful stone to meditate with to bring real spiritual wellbeing and healing

Can you picture this stone in its home of the Karakoram Mountain range, the second highest mountain in the world bordering Pakistan and China? Imagine the history it has witnessed from its high vantage point. It makes it such a wise and knowing crystal to work with

We Clear and Bless every crystal before it leaves the store to prepare its energy for you

Sterling Silver. Size: Approx 4.6 cm total length. Stone: 3.4 x 2.4 cm  approx

Metaphysically Beneficial for:

  • Facilitates soul retrieval, something healers are really tuned in to when working with themselves and with clients to access the Akashic Records for healing
  • The stone of profound peace it works on the level of world healing to unite ethnic conflicts and disputes over territories and countries. Such a wise and ancient stone
  • One of the highest vibration stones you will find
Excerpt: The Encyclopedia of Crystals Judy Hall for Afghanite page 159

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