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Hypnosis for Astral Travel | CD | Giovanni Lordi

Hypnosis for Astral Travel CD Giovanni Lordi


This hypnosis session uses advanced techniques to guide you into the astral realm (out of body experience).

It will also help give you more control over the direction of your personal journey therein.

Giovanni's voice is accompanied by specific theta binaural beats that will help lower your consciousness into the levels necessary to reach this elevated state.

It has been designed with proper safeguards so that you always have the power to come back to full awakened conscious attention whenever you choose to.

Using this program is a phenomenal tool to experience the life-changing effects of exploring the realms outside of normal consciousness.

What is an OBE or Out of Body Experience or Astral Travel?

An OBE is the perceived disconnection between your physical and non-physical self. Depending on how you look at it, during an OBE your consciousness (spirit, mind, inner being etc.) leaves your physical body as a feeling of weightlessness and freedom sets in. Many people report becoming an observer above their own body and the physical world below. So where does your consciousness go to? Well this is known as the astral realm, meaning that astral travel is simply the journey within this detached state of consciousness. With proper training & control over your mind, it is possible to become like a director in the movie which is your OBE, meaning you can direct where the journey takes you. Doing this you can discover so much more then what is perceived during normal reality.

The background soundtrack consists of binaural beats, relaxing music and trance tones.

    About Givanni Lordi:

    Giovanni has published over 100 hypnosis recordings. he has helped many people to move past their boundaries and overcome obstacles through his unique style of hypnosis therapy. 

    Giovanni incorporates a mixture of professional treatment methods and his own personal life experiences to form the foundation of his approach to helping people.


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