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Clear Quartz  XL Lemurian Seed Crystal - Carpe Diem With Remi
Clear Quartz  XL Lemurian Seed Crystal - Carpe Diem With Remi
Clear Quartz  XL Lemurian Seed Crystal - Carpe Diem With Remi

Clear Quartz XL Lemurian Seed Crystal

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Now here is an unusual Lemurian. It has a Tabby Crystal on its side, coming along for the ride. A majestic crystal, this one has lots of activity going on within and without.

More about the Crystal:

If you were into using extra large crystals in your healing work you could hold the Tabby like a handle and point the big Lemurian, using it like a Laser.

The striations are on nearly every face as well as the Tabby. It didn't want to get left out.

At the base of the tabby is masses of miniscule crystals formed into a shallow cave. These tiny crystals are named Starry Crystals as they glitter like stars in the sky.

Beautiful clear record keeper on one of the faces.

Size: 16 cm high x 11.8 cm across the base.  Weight: 1.349 kg

It is said that each crystal has its own Deva, bringing in the energies from on high.

Lemurian Seed Crystal excerpt from Cassandra Eason's New Crystal Bible page 380:

The Legend of Lemurian Seed Crystals: Reputed to be associated with the lost land of Lemuria which predates Atlantis, believed to exist 14,000 years ago. It was said to be the source of indigenous peoples. The legends say that it is the holy people or prophets who stored information in crystals. Taken deep into the earth, the Lemurian crystals were planted as seeds in the earth. This is why anyone who is the Custodian of a Lemurian Seed Crystal is said to be able to draw power from this ancient healing wisdom.

Lemurians are used for whole body healing and known to bring quality of life to the user. They are said to soothe chronic conditions, reduce pain, strengthen the body's immune system.  On the front profile of the crystal can be seen the 'seeds' 

Clear Quartz has always been a powerful shamanic tool and the Native Americans call it the brain cells of Grandmother Earth. Keep a clear quartz point with your other crystals to activate them.

A multidimensional worker, Quartz is one of the three major crystals, working powerfully in healing and and as an energy amplifier. It is known to absorb, store, release and regulate energy and when held doubles your biomagnetic field.

Quartz stores information and has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds. Use it to attune to your spiritual purpose and enhance your abilities.

Use as a  Wand to amplify energy where it is needed or to draw off energy. This Quartz Point has a very high vibration. We recommend that you take care when choosing Clear Quartz as it is such a personal crystal and will attune to you easily. 

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