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Chinese Writing Stone with Andalusite Tumbled New! - Carpe Diem With Remi

Chinese Writing Stone with Andalusite Tumbled New!


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Chinese writing stone is a limestone matrix with Andalusite crystals that appear as a delightful pattern resembling chinese characters. 

Metaphysical Meaning:

  • A stone of Re-affirmation, Re-alignment, Re-commitment
  • Validates you and helps you to execute plans and stragegies
  • Helps you to access information from the ancient sacred texts and accesses the Akashic records while providing clarity in translation and interpretation
  • Excellent stone for dreaming, assisting one to get into the dream state and directing one's dreams toward a specific subject
  • Realign goals towards a higher purpose
  • Reaffirm relationships, commitments, loyalties
  • Accept and adjust to change and to accept responsibility for new found personal freedom
  • Stimulates originality in living YOUR life
  • Sparks creativity
​Physical: Disorders of eyes, spine, legs, use to soothe muscular structures of hands​. Excellent to use as an elixir in all aspects of energy utilization. 

Excerpt: Love is in the Earth A Kaliedescope of Crystals by Melody page 198

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