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Chakra Healing Crystal Set | Carpe Diem with Remi

Chakra Crystal Healing Set Carved


7 Natural Engraved Crystals Carved into flat oval shapes to use on the body in Crystal or Chakra Healing or simply to carry with you.

Each pack contains 
7 x Natural stones with Chakra Glyphs carved into each stone. Size: 3.8 x 3 cm approx

Chakra Meanings of each Crystal:

Amethyst (Crown) - Inspiration and harmony
Labradorite(Forehead) - Identity, spiritual path, conciseness and development, clarity, instinct, inner knowledge
Lapis (Throat) - Communication and establishing contact
Green Aventurine (Heart) - Fulfillment, feelings and understanding
Calcite (Solar plexus) - Self-expression, fulfillment, self-confidence and development
Carnelian (Navel) - Me/You relationship, encounters and affection
Red Jasper (Root) - Fulfilling wishes, survival and procreation, energy and stamina

These sets are the "tools of the trade" for those who find pleasure in stones and like to work with them.

Stones are applied by practitioners in several therapeutic areas - massage therapists, physiotherapists and non-medical practitioners.

They are also used in beauty and wellness treatments. In addition they are suitable for all people who simply enjoy stones and massages.


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