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Calcite Dragon's Blood Free Standing Polished COW24 - Carpe Diem With Remi

Calcite Dragon's Blood Free Standing Polished COW24


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A free standing polished Calcite.  Dragon's Blood Calcite  has the properties of Red Calcite with added depths of colour, the rusty colour of dried dragon's blood and the glow of burning embers. This piece has many coloured striations running through  it.

Size: 8 cm across  x 10 cm tall approximately.

Properties of  Dragon's Blood Calcite:

Dragon's Blood Calcite feels like a wise old ancient stone.  One of the stones said to release stress and anger, shift old past patterns and fear. Calcite is known to calm the inflammation of arthritis. 

Memo from Remi: Years ago a lady brought her aged dad who had chronic arthritis into my store. I gave him a piece of calcite to hold while he wandered round the shop. 20 minutes later he showed me the stone. Pure white. All the colour had been drained from the crystal by his body. He had used up the energy of the stone. It is believed calcite has the ability to release heat. Apply it to the source of the inflammation and by simply holding it, the mineral will find the source of the inflammation.

Recharge Calcite by holding under running water or place under full moon to recharge.

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