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Archangel Gabriel Mini Statue - Carpe Diem With Remi

Archangel Gabriel Mini Statue


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A dear little statue for your altar or bedroom.  Archangel Gabriel is the supreme Nurturer, here to guide and support not only children but our own inner child, to send it love and strength.  Gabriel is the Messenger.

Gabriel was the angel who came to Mary to bring the message of the coming birth of Jesus, thus making her the angel of children and fertility.

Gabriel can aid those who are trying to conceive a child and call on Gabriel to help through all aspects of pregnancy. Invoke Gabriel to bring peace to mother and child.

Gabriel is known as the Messenger, the Archangel of communication, as symbolized by the feather.

The trumpet is the bringer of good news.  Leaders, teachers, speakers can all ask for help when getting a message across.  Gabriel brings a sense of integrity to our hearts and enables us to speak our truth with love.

Archangel Gabriel crystals are Citrine and Selenite and are available for separate purchase. Remi's blog

Statue is made of cream coloured resin.   Size: Approximately 15 x 5  cm at base

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