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Apophyllite | Cluster White | Carpe Diem with Remi

Apophyllite Cluster White


Stunning Apophyllite cluster with slight showing of green apophyllite at the base. Size: approx 12 x 11 cm. 2 Large clusters are on one side with a myriad of small points all over the piece.

Qualities of Apophyllite:

Called the Reiki crystal because its effects are said to be similar to a Reiki treatment. Emotionally it brings you back to yourself, especially where you may have given your energy away to another in love. On the work level it aids those who need transparency and accuracy in their detail work. Great for those who work in the financial services, also data processing and historical research. A great stone to place with you if you are a writer of historical fiction. Magically clear Apophyllite is great to hold with you in the sun or the moon to discover the identity of connections with beings from other dimensions - from power animals to personal guides and angels. Draws negativity from other crystals used in healing or around the home or office. As a cluster it brings people together emotionally.

Information from Cassandra Eason The New Crystal Bible.

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