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Angels in my Hair | Carpe Diem with Remi | Adelaide

Angels in my Hair


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Lorna Byrne was able to see angels and spirits for as long as she could remember, as a wee bairn.  She was thought to be retarded because she didn't focus on this world, the everyday. Instead she was seeing other realms. That was the norm for Lorna.

She tells the story of her life an we meet the creatures from the spirit world who inhabit this world of ours as well: mainly angels. These angels we astonishingly beautiful and she shares of an Archangel, the prophet Elijah and spirits of people who have died.

Remi's memo: If you want to gain a real understanding of the spirit word and what it is like to be aware of that world from an early age, this book will give real substance to your experiences or that of someone around you.

Lorna teaches us that in this day and age we must not repress our visions or prophetic insights. All it means is that we are a 'seer', maybe a 'channel' or a 'sensitive', in tune with the inner realms.

Fabulous book for yourself and ideal to gift to another as it is written in a down to earth manner.

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