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Angelic Incense Shoyeido | Carpe Diem with Remi

Angelic Incense Shoyeido


Angelic Incense Series by Shoyeido - Five Angelic Fragrances

Shoyeido's expert incense crafters from Japan evoke the spirits of five precious gems. Most incense on the market is simply a bamboo stick dipped in synthetic perfumes and oils.

Shoyeido recipes are blended from only natural ingredients - without a bamboo core - and exude the subtle fragrance of pure incense.  Whether for relaxation, meditation, or simply to freshen a room, Shoyeido offers a subtle, natural fragrance for everyday use.

The fragrances of the Angels are:

Hope.  Frankincense for faith, love and devotion.

Inspiration. Sandalwood and exotic spices for creativity.

Joy. Vanilla & tea leaves for a light hearted, playful mood.

Love. Sandalwood and herbs to create the ambience of love.

Peace. Myrhh imbues this blend with the harmony of the ages.

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