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Amphibole Quartz New! | Tumbled Stone | Carpe Diem with Remi

Amphibole Tumbled New!


The mixing of the active quartz and the fibrous amphibole minerals make this a powerful crystal for bringing the spiritual and mysterious into the everyday sphere, both in healing and in enriching daily life.
  • A protective crystal, surround it with angel crystals such as angelite, celestite, opal aura and seraphinite to create a place of beauty and connect with angelic energies.
  • A powerful crystal for Self Healing and Self Empowerment
  • Use its intense light to bring out gifts and experiences that bring your unique perspective, good for one off ventures
  • Physical: Helps with glands, tear ducts, eye problems, arteries, veins, scar tissue, burns,blisters
  • Emotional: Insulates those who have been verbally abused from internalizing the comments
  • Chakra: Brow
  • Practical: the bringer of light to benefit all in a household.
  • Work: Blurs the edges of unhelpful undercurrents. 
​Excerpt: Cassandra Eason's New Crystal Bible page 325​

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