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Amethyst Polished XL Generator | Carpe Diem with Remi

Amethyst Polished Large Generator with Rainbows


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Huge Amethyst Polished Generator with the top part full of shards of light. The base is denser Amethyst. Polished on all sides.

Size: 9.2 cm across x 19.5 cm high. Weight: 2.7 kg

 Amethyst is the 'All round' healer, working on many levels - physical, emotional and psychological pain, decision making, recurring nightmares, protection against psychic attack and thieves, fear and anxiety, headaches. 

On the spiritual level Amethyst promotes love of the divine and encourages spiritual wisdom. It's a beautiful crystal to hold or place next to you when meditating. 

Generator Crystals have six sides meeting in a sharp point at the top and they generate energy and focus healing energy. 

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