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Amethyst Large Ring Size 9.5 Sterling Silver

Amethyst Large Ring Size 9.5 Sterling Silver


Fabulous large oval ring in Gem quality Genuine Faceted Amethyst. Lovely thick sterling silver band and 4 sturdy claws holding the stone will give this ring a very long life

Cushion Cut - when you look into the ring you will see dozens of beautiful facets shining back at you

*Picture shows the beautiful cut of the facets in the ring

Sterling Silver

Size: 2 X 1.4 cm approx

Wearing Amethyst attracts good luck and protects against ill wishes

Metaphysically Beneficial for:

  • Physically: The Master healer, works on all levels
  • Emotions: Reduces addiction, OCD, called nature's tranquilizer
  • Workplace: Reduces pressure
  • Chakra: Brow (Third Eye)
  • Magical: Protects against paranormal harm
  • Spiritual: Enhances Reiki treatments

Cleanse with smudge smoke or incense, not water due to its delicacy

Excerpt: The New Crystal Bible Cassandra Eason page 212 

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