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Amber Ring | Size 7 Adjustable | Carpe Diem with Remi

Ring Amber Large Size 7 Adjustable


Country of Amber: Genuine Baltic Amber with Certificate of authentification.

Sterling Silver surround is thick for long life. The back is open with a double silver band which is open at the back so that the energy of the stone is with the wearer.

*The ring is adjustable. Size is 7 (non adjusted).

* Will adjust to about a size 9

**Please use a qualified jeweller to make adjustment**

Size:  2.9 cm x 2.6

Amber was in legend formed by the rays of the setting sun. In the Far East it is considered to contain the souls of tigers and thus bring courage to wearers

Metaphysically Beneficial for:

  • Physically: Detoxifies and considered one of the most healing substances
  • Emotions: Removes obstacles we put in our own way
  • Mental: Improves short term memory, relieves depression, anxiety
  • Chakra: Sacral, Throat
  • Stimulates self healing
  • Magical: Encourages ancient wisdom and past life recall
  • Workplace: Melts outdated attitudes and out of date practices to bring in the energies of the Aquarian Age of the 7th Ray of equality

Excerpt: The New Crystal Bible

 Cassandra Eason page 82 and our own experience with Amber

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