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Alpha Metronome CD - Carpe Diem With Remi

Alpha Metronome CD


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This recording is one long track of a continuous Alpha Brainwave Metronome sound for aiding relaxation and clarity of mind. It can also be used for enhancing a positive outlook on life and dream interpretation. It achieves this by helping slow down brainwave activity to the levels associated with body/mind relaxation and the ability to stay focused while in this relaxed state.

Track 1. Alpha Metronome (70mins)

Recorded from 8 to 7 cycles per second. To help you access the deeper state of Alpha, the tone starts at a frequency of 8 Hz and over the first 30 mins gradually slows down to 7 Hz. The remainder of the track stays at 7 Hz. This gives you the benefits of the frequency following response where the brain’s activity “follows the metronome”, moving you gradually deeper in your meditation to the desired state. A big advantage of this recording is that you don't have to use headphones to achieve the Alpha brainwave state.


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