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Agate | Slice | Blue | Crystalline | Carpe Diem with Remi

Agate Slice Blue Crystalline


Medium size Agate Slice. 15 x 12 cm approx. Free plastic stand included. A slice where the bands of agate are layered around the piece and the face has its crystalline composition very visible.

Metaphysical properties of coloured Agates:

Blue: Healing. Throat Chakra. Tranquility. Soothing. Nurturing. Calming. Peace of mind.

Purple: Spiritual. 7th Ray of St. Germain. Creativity. Goals. Hopes. Dreams.

Green: Heart Chakra. Heart healing, emotional support. Gentleness.

Grey: Balances yin yang. Grounding. Centres and stabilizes physical energy.

Brown: Connects with mother earth. Soothes and provides a sense of security.

Black: Protective. Brings a calming peace in times of bereavement. Inner strength.

White: A spiritual stone, marrying one's spiritual experience with everyday life. Brings clarity and stability.

Agates are gentle stones, slow acting with a lasting impact.

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