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Agate Moss Tumbled - Prosperity - Carpe Diem With Remi

Agate Moss Tumbled - Prosperity


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Healing Properties: Prosperity, Success, Abundance, Self Esteem, Healing, Restoration, Creativity, Confidence Strength, Development of new friendships, finding a compatible partner.

Physical: Relieve colds, flu and other viral illnesses, boosts immune system, improve bone marrow, assist in childbirth to reduce pain and speed delivery. Speeds recovery from illness, protect against low blood sugar and dehydration, pulse and heartbeat irregularities, circulation, treat fungal and skin infections.

Emotional: New beginnings, regrowth of trust, releases old fears, creating a new purpose for life and reconnecting with the world after disillusion or withdrawal.

Work: Draws new business to you and encourages gradual expansion and growing prosperity, excellent for self employed and financial institutions. Keep on your desk when doing tax returns, spread sheets or figures that won’t add up. Keep one with bank papers to encourage saving and reverse outflow of money.

Average Size: 2 - 3 cm length (price per stone)

Excerpt: The New Crystal Bible by Cassandra Eason.

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