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Advanced Witchcraft Edain Mcoy - Carpe Diem With Remi

Advanced Witchcraft Edain Mcoy


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Advanced Witchcraft doesn't contain any Wicca 101 information-it assumes that you're already familiar with the nuts and bolts of the Craft. Instead, this book challenges you to think critically about your beliefs and practices, what they mean to you, how they've changed, and where you're going. Along the way you'll also learn many techniques for intermediate and advanced Witches, including:-meeting your shadow-advanced warding and psychic self-defense-power animals, familiars, and shapeshifters-working the labyrinth and the maze-advanced tree spirituality-advanced augury and divination-magick and ritual using the fine arts of storytelling, dance, music, art, and drama-the art of Wishcraft-the healing arts-spirits and lost souls-banishing and closing portals-surviving the dark night of the soul.


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