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Advanced Studies of the Human Aura - Carpe Diem With Remi

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura


Takes studies of the aura to an exciting new level, revealing it as more than a colorful energy field around all living things. The aura is really a powerful resonator for both personal and global transformation. As a subtle energy system, constantly moving, streaming and changing, the aura reflects every thought, feeling, word and deed of every person on earth. In fact, this vibrant energy field says more about who we are than our physical appearance or personality. To create our own rainbow-colored energy field; supercharged with light and spiritual purpose; we must first enter into the space where all life is felt and embraced as sacred. In this seminal work, you will learn the keys to increasing the light within your aura from your heart outward, bringing abundant blessings to yourself and those around you through exercise, meditation, prayer, solar gazing and pranic breathing.

Author: David Christopher Lewis.



Size: 21.00 x 14.00 cm

Page Count: 260

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