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Abalone Shell for Smudging - Carpe Diem With Remi

Abalone Shell for Smudging


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Beautiful rainbow patterns on the inside of an Abalone Shell make it the perfect holder for your Smudge Stick. Smudging is a Sacred ritual in many cultures. 

Do your smudging and then rest the Smudge Stick in the Abalone Shell.

Properties of Abalone Shell:

Intimately connected to the sea - represents the tide of our emotions, connected to family and particularly motherhood. The designs in the Abalone shell represent eyes, the all seeing eyes of the owl and the stars of the night sky.

**Please note that the price is for the Shell only**

How to Smudge:

Use a Smudging Feather with your White Sage or Palo Santo  to cleanse energies. 

Simply light your smudge stick and once it ignites, blow it out and let it smoulder. 

Take your smudge feather and use it to waft the smoke from your smudge stick onto all surfaces.

After you have finished, place the Smudge Stick in the Abalone Shell.

White Sage is used to remove negative energy and Palo Santo is used to as a very powerful protector and cleanser.

White Sage is traditionally used by Native Americans & Palo Santo (Holy Wood) by the Incas.

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