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Gratitude Diary 2019 | Carpe Diem with Remi

2019 Gratitude Diary On Sale


Oh my gosh! This is the most profound Gratitude Diary from Melanie Spears yet. The pages are full of thought provoking questions - directed at our souls. In March (my birth month) is a page on 'smartphones used in a dumb way.'

Astrology, the moon's influences and common sense begin each month. This diary is a must if you are on your soul's path.

Every page starts with 'Today I am grateful for...' and there is room for you to list your gratitudes for the day.

This is something I personally have done for years and it has changed my brain, my outlook on life, even on those days when life seems to be working against me, I still find 5 things to be grateful for. Sometimes it is the fresh air I am blessed to breathe, the azure blue of our pollution free skies. Other days I am grateful for really personal things that make me laugh, smile or cry. It is like a review of my day.

The 2019 Gratitude Diary The theme for the 2019 Gratitude Diary is balance. Within these pages you will find tips and suggestions as to how you can create more balance in your daily life. Other features include . . . Day to a page organisational Diary, Daily space to give thanks for your life experiences, Moon orientation and astrology guide, Uplifting quotes.

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