Shungite is a 2 billion-year-old mineral that comes only from only one place in the world -  the village Shunga in Russia. Due to its unique mineral make-up of naturally occurring 'fullerenes', it has the capacity to heal, protect, detoxify and promote harmony in our living and work environments.  One major benefit of working with Shungite is that it creates a field of protection from harmful radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are emitted from mobile towers, mobile phones, wi-fi, and other electronic devices that we use on a daily basis. Another benefit when using the highest grade of Shungite (Nobel Shungite),  is receiving the healing benefits of 'Shungite water'. This includes pain relief, increasing our immunity and being a natural antioxidant. Shungite is a one of a kind stone that allows our body and spirit to merge and thrive in the most nurturing and healing environment possible.

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