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Infiniti 1, 2 and 3 Workshops

Infiniti Workshop

Level 1

1 Day Program 10 am - 5 pm

Cost: $100


  • Sat, November 17, 10am-5pm

    Infiniti is a beautiful healing modality which varies from Reiki and is a great addition to your spiritual toolkit.  It brings increased self-confidence and decisiveness, enables you to make better choices, with more certainty. 
    Infiniti leaves you with a feeling of inner strength and well-being that lasts and strengthens with time. 
    Infiniti unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a you feeling of connection and well-being.
    Meridians are energy channels through which the chi energy flows and act as a  network of communication between the Physical and subtle bodies.
    The growth and change brought about by Infiniti helps you to build on  old frameworks without the trauma.
    You will have a new perspective, therefore be able to make better life choices.
    Infiniti expands your consciousness helping you to become more objective.

    Level 2

    1 day Program 1
    0 - 5 pm

    Cost:  $100


    • Sat 15 Sept 2018, 10am - 5pm

    Increase your personal growth. You begin to take the necessary steps  to fulfil your goals with more energy, enthusiasm and self confidence, you  also experience a greater level of well being in all life areas.
    Both programs offer a Work book and Certificate upon completion
    Bookings and Payments to Jeanette 0411 034 177
    Visit Jeanette's website for more information

    Level 3 NEW!

    2 day Program 10 - 5 pm


    • Please register your interest for upcoming dates

    Cost: $300

    Activating your physical and spiritual energy fields to another level of consciousness through the Attunements and information received on all levels. You also have the relevant information to enable you to teach each level of Infiniti if you so desire.

    Not all participants connect with Infiniti 3 for teaching purposes as they usually do it for their own personal Healing and Activations. Participating in this level can be all the reward you need with the Attunements and a deeper focus on the information received to take you on your next step of Consciousness.