Who is Ellene, this "New Age Naturopath"?

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So here's the 3 sides of me you'll get to know.
Naturopath & Herbalist Ellene can school you on foods, plants and help you rid toxins from your everyday life.Assist you with making lifestyle changes that benefit your health & happiness. Plus I've always got some delicious brew of herbs steeping for our tea when you arrive.- New Age Ellene with the aid of my pendulum, oracle cards, flower essences and chakra therapy can assist you on finding & clearing emotional blocks, cutting ties with negative energies, people & sometimes entities. Helping you to understand your unbeneficial patterns & get you feeling more yourself than you have in quite some time.- Home Ellene can cook a mean dhal, vegan moussaka, drool worth burritos & stack the best dang sandwich you’ve ever seen

Flower Essences

How they work:
Flower remedies are more similar to homeopathics than herbal medicine or essential oils in the way they function in the body. Effecting emotional well-being rather than directly impacting the physical body.They work by encapsulating the essence or energy of the flower and take that to the energetic bodies where the issues are present, to release and bring them to your attention in hopes that you recognise the emotions, feel them, learn what is needed and allow them to pass.Each flower contains different emotional properties to assist in overcoming difficult emotions, understanding unbeneficial emotive patterns and releasing emotional blockages in the body, allowing the flow of life energy and vitality, otherwise known as Qi.We believe that it is extremely difficult to heal completely from trauma, illness or heart break until you fully understand and nurture yourself. We can assist with this in a couple of different ways.

ONE: You can purchase a pre-made Flower Magic blend, containing a mix of Australian Bush Flower Essences specifically formulated for particular emotional issues.

All these beauties have:- 7 drops of the essences are in each bottle- Has been created under a Full or New moon cycle- Contains a Clear Crystal Quartz to amplify the energy of the essences- And made with the use of crystal grids, reiki energy and a whole lot of love!

Click here to see which one suits your needs.

TWO: You can get a flower essence reading with Ellene, where we can formulate your own custom blend and help you to better understand the emotional issues you’re currently working through. 

THREE: A “Blind Blend”. This entails Ellene intuitively tuning into your specific needs without a sit down reading and formulating an essence.To request a Blind Blend, place it in the cart  here and Ellene will prepare it for you. So, what emotions do you need to shift in order to bring some magic back into your life?