Specializing in Oracle decks we have a huge range at Carpe Diem.

Oracles are more 'free form' than Tarot decks. Tarots follow a specific structure with 78 cards in the deck.

Oracles can have any number of cards in them.  

Angel cards are very popular Oracles. These have an angel theme. Doreen Virtue has produced many Angel Oracle sets. They usually have a few words at the bottom of the card giving you a clear idea as to the meaning of the card.

Oracles are perfect for beginners. Simply pull a card  to get the 'vibe' of the day or pull 3 cards for a small 'Past, Present, Future' reading. 

Oracles usually have several different spreads in the instruction booklet that you can follow.

Oracle cards are easy to read and Angel cards are always gentle, much easier than the images on Tarot cards.