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Tibetan Medical Bracelets Hand Made Nepal

Remi Waters Medical Bracelet Tibetan

Tibetan bracelets are available online & from our physical store at 158 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015

Tibetan Medical Bracelets have been hand made by an artisan in Nepal for many years.  Used for their health properties they are also attractive to wear with the five metals used in each bracelet becoming more shiny with wear.

The artisan is an old gentleman and no one has been trained to take over the wrist band making when he no longer is able.

Tibetan Medical Bracelet Unisex

Tibetan Bracelet, made from traditional combinations of five metals, subtly influences the five elemental & planetary energies circulating throughout the body. Through harmonizing these energies it is a positive influence on the general health & wellbeing of our body. Since ancient times Tibet has developed its own unique medical & astrological traditions. The Tibetan Medical Bracelet subtly imparts the positive effects of the five metals to the five elemental pulses whilst it is worn around the wrist. This traditional design permits all metals to come into direct contact with the skin & its pattern represents the purified field of the elements. This pattern surrounds many mandalas. The Tibetan symbology of the purified elements is based on the idea that all conflict  imbalance vanishes when the elements are in harmonious relationship. The effects of the metals according to traditional Tibetan medicine are: COPPER: helps prevent fevers of liver & lungs, dries up excess fluid & swelling of joints. TIN: promotes healing of wounds, helps regrowth of skin & flesh after injury, expels poisons from the body, dries up infections. NICKEL: improves eyesight & other various eye disorders, alleviates hives, acne & various skin problems. SILVER: improves blood flow & consistency, dries up watery infections & conditions, purifies the blood. IRON: strengthens the liver & eyes, improves eye conditions, antidote to poisonous lead in the body.

*No claim is made for the therapeutic effects of this bracelet beyond the accuracy of the information regarding the Tibetan views on health benefits of metals.

This bracelet is specially produced for Tibetan Astrology Australia & is based on the the original style of Tibetan Medical Bracelets. The effects of the five metals has been researched in the Tibetan medical texts by Kim Lai from Tibetan Astrology Australia  & Tibetan Doctors from the Tibetan Medical & Astrological Institute in Dharamsala.

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of the Tibetan Medical Bracelet supports further research into Tibetan Astrology.

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