Millennials in the Workplace

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The Millennial Generation by Simon Sinek You Tube

This great little video brings some thoughts on the troubles our youth are facing now.  It gives a perspective into some real issues our kids live with every day. Maybe it's time for us all to reflect on 2017 and what it means to us and this generation who is getting ready to pick up the banner called life.

The Millennials

Who are the Millennials? Those born from 1984 onwards were born into a new era, one never experienced before the advent of social media.  If you have children or young adults in your life, whether at home or in the workplace,  take a look at this Video and perhaps gain a new perspective on the Millennials.

Their relationship with their phones, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, has made them use social media as a mirror of their own self worth, their own sense of belonging.  Or lack of.

'Why did I not get likes?'  'Why is my Instagram growing so slowly?'  'Why did they unfriend me?'  'Why have I only got 10 followers?'

They have challenges to their self esteem that those born before them were never faced with.  

Simon Sinek explains what happens in the brain when we get a response to a message, when we get a like and what happens when we don't.

He shares how social media releases dopamine in the brain and what its effects are on this generation, how it has created a numbing of relationships and emotions.  

There are answers in this video to questions many of us are asking.




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