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Fragrancing your Home

Remi Waters Fragrances

There are many ways to Fragrance your home with Natural Products.

We stock lots of beautiful products to fragrance your home. Royal Doulton Reed Diffusers which last up to a year, Australian Tilley Diffusers & our own local MzzV Diffusers for your home or car diffusers for your vehicle.

Fill your bathroom with Tilley or Buckley & Phillips Soaps in natural fragrances, Goatsmilk & Manuka Honey being one of the most popular. 

Scent Cakes for your oil burner are available in many different fragrances. Safer than water in your oil burner as water can burn dry.

Woodwick Candles are a specialty and their Electric Oil Burner in a beautiful metal colour adds real character to a room.

Gumleaf Buckley and Phillips Soy Candles in glass jars and pillars, Gumleaf Essential Oil Candles, MzzV Soy Candles, Archangel Candles and Green Tree Candles in specialty fragrances such as Palo Santo and White Sage are specialties of Carpe Diem. There is a fragrance to suit every mood you want to create.

Gumleaf Fragrance Oil can be worn as perfume, used in an Oil Burner, either with Tealight or Electric, placed in a spray bottle with water and sprayed in the bathroom or through the whole home if doing a clearing with White Sage Oil. 

Chakra Sprays are available for each Chakra and also a Rainbow one that does all the Chakras combined.

A High Vibration Spray is handy to keep in your bag to give you a lift when you need it.  We now stock a Shaman Spray.

Protection or White Sage Sprays are great to keep on hand for those times when things feel unclear or negative in the home.  We now stock the Stilus brand of White Sage Sprays

From Australian Gumleaf Essential Oils and Fragrances, to Spiritual Sky and Kamini Perfume oils, all brands that have proven their quality over many years.

We stock Sandesh and Kamini White Sage Fragrance Oils for your house clearing.

Sandesh Dragons Blood Fragrance Oil is useful for protection.

Den Al Oudh Oil is said to be the most powerful protection oil available & is available in the Nandita  brand.

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