Energy Healing with Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone

Although Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite have a similar, mesmerizing sheen, their energies are quite different. Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the Moon Goddess Selene, Artemis and Hecate. It's the stone associated with cycles - of life, of fertility, of crops. Cycles are part of everyday life. Carry your moonstone if you want to get pregnant but its properties of fertility also work on so many other cyclic levels, from the gestation to the giving birth of all creative endeavours. It's a powerful abundance stone and is excellent for manifesting, thus amplifying its birthing properties.
Fill your moonstone with energizing lunar energies by placing it outside overnight. If you are wanting to manifest something, write it down and place the charged crystal on top of the slip of paper to call your intention to you.
Now let's take a look at Labradorite. This is the stone to protect the psychic part of yourself. It creates a shield around your aura, protecting it from outside energy and acts as a mirror. It reflects negativity, or whatever is not in your highest interest, away from you. It adds weight to your intuition to give you insights into who has your highest interests at heart and who doesn't. It acts like a little radar.
Activating the intuition it connects to your clairvoyance, your psychic sight and is one of the most useful stones to use when you are developing this ability. It's a powerful stone to repair rips and tears in your energy field, restoring the aura to optimum health. When you tune into this energy, you will feel instantly happier and more playful as it has real uplifting energy. Use these two stones in conjunction with each other as they make a powerful pair, working in real harmony with each other.
Author: Ashley Leavy - A Practical Sourcebook of 100 Crystals