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MssV, Launched in 2013, is a brand aiming as a high quality, Eco-friendly and affordable locally hand made products. Each candle is hand poured in South Australia using the highest quality natural waxes and wicks.

We do not use paraffin (so no harmful chemicals) and do not use lead wicks. The fragrances are sourced from Australian companies and are of premium grade and load each candle with the maximum fragrance the candle can handle to optimize the fragrance throw.

 Our range has increased and now includes:

  • Car Diffusers, with refill bottles (very economical!)
  • Air fresheners

All made by hand using high quality natural products, and available in the same range of fragrances as our candles. All fragrances used are Phthalate-free and Nitro musk free.


Facebook: @mzzvcreations